NO HEAT Hairstyles *Summer Edition*

Lets face it, summer is the hottest time of the year. Still, its the perfect time to go to the mall with your friends, go to the beach, get in the pool, etcetera etcetera…But since it’s so hot, we only put our hairs into a bun or a ponytail. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I do that too! But, you need to know that there are more cool hairstyles that don’t require a flatning iron, a curling iron or a blow dryer.. I gathered some of those NO HEAT HAIRSTYLES so you can beat the heat looking awesome and cool! I won’t be explaining them, I will just show you the hairstyles. 

1. Big French Fishtail Braid

2. Fishtail Braid On The Side

3. Fake Fishtail Braid


4.French Twist Ponytail

5.Bohemian Upper Main Braid
6.Side Braid in a Messy Ponytail


7. Twisted Ponytail x3


That’s it guys! Hope you liked them, and if you try one of them, send me a photo to my email: or twitter: @livesteens.  Thanks for reading! Make sure to follow me on my Blog, Tumblr and Twitter. If you wanna see tutorials on any of these hairstyles, let me know on the comments section. 


Teens Happy Lives 


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